About Me

It’s always awkward having to write about yourself, so here goes:

My full name is Koesmanto Leka Bong, but I go by Koes – pronounced cous, like couscous. I was born and raised in Indonesia. My father is a photographer, and my mother is a full-time mom. Growing up, I remember going to my father’s studio to help out, either by working in the store-front or being his photo subject. Like most kids, I had no desire to sit still long enough to be photographed. But my father insisted. After so many tedious sessions, I had no desire to take pictures or continue the family business.

In 2000, I came to the US to attend college in Tulsa, OK. As a parting gift, my dad gave me an Olympus C-3030 ZOOM with hopes that I would document my life. His hope didn’t materialize until 2006 when I took a trip to the midwest. I brought the Olympus with me to Chicago and Madison, took quite a few photos, and fell in love with them. I began by taking mainly landscape photos, but it wasn’t really satisfying. As much as I liked capturing beautiful scenery, I felt disconnected. I wanted to capture real, human emotion. So began my wedding photography adventure.

From shooting an intimate, 10-person backyard wedding to an extravagant, 300-person cathedral ceremony, I’ve enjoyed every single one of them. But nothing compared to shooting a friend’s wedding in Tulsa, OK in August 2008. I expected to take great photos, but I never expected to find my wife-to-be at that wedding.

This is Lindsay – my wife, my best friend, my biggest fan, and my inspiration. We dated long-distance for awhile. At the time, she was in Tulsa, and I was in Portland. Six months after meeting, she moved across the country so we could be together, and three months after that, we married. It was the happiest day of my life – and I have pictures to prove.

Lindsay is also my second photographer, my assistant, and as she said it “my light stand”. She accompanies me to almost all shoots, even when she was nearly 7 months pregnant.

Then, I came to the second happiest day of my life.

Her name is Aven – the most beautiful baby you’ve ever seen. (Just look at the photo, but I admit being a little biased.) She loves to laugh and thinks all cameras are her papa. My own father would be proud of how many photos I’ve taken of her.

It’s funny how having children change the way you see life. Now I can’t shoot a wedding without realizing that one day, I will walk her down the aisle. And I want that day to be beautifully captured.

That thought alone has made me realize how important my job is being a wedding photographer. It’s an honor to be invited to one of the most intimate events of someone’s life, and I want to do it justice.

That’s what you can expect when I capture your wedding.

* All photos above are taken by Sarah Rhoads Photographers


It’s wedding day. Your wedding day. Probably the most important day in your life so far, and you want the whole day documented – every laugh, every tear, every detail, and every moment in between.

My goal is to accommodate you on your day. If you’d prefer I arrive when preparation begins at 8am, I’ll be there. And I’ll happily stay as the celebration spills over into the next day.

My philosophy is to document your day as it flows. There is no room for do-overs, fake first dances, or second-try cake cutting. You can expect me to capture the moments of your day, big and small, in the most natural way possible.

And I want to hear exactly what is most important to you – extra photos with your grandmother, a group photo with your friends who have traveled across the globe or across the street, or anything else. You can rest assured I will always have time for the moments that matter most to you.

All day wedding coverage starts at $4,000.

Email me for a full pricesheet.